Susan Davis VTCT, IIHHT, MIPTI 17844, C and G 7302 APTL (Reg)

I am the proprietor of Vitality Holistic Massage and Beauty Training.

I trained as a therapist in 2003 at Tresham Institute in Kettering, Northants and qualified as a teacher in 2006.

I wrote my first course in 2006 and now have 24+ Vitality courses all accredited, validated and insurable and I am still  developing and expanding the Vitality Brand with new courses for 2020 

Vitality has a reputation for delivering top quality training with many of our students starting their own businesses.  It makes me very proud to have played a part in their success. 

Start your Own Training School

with my pre-written courses

Now Tutors and Teachers can start their own training schools using my pre- written, Validated and Accredited course material, and rebrand with their company name and logo. All with my backing and support. 

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