• To provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform therapeutic massage modalities competently and safely.
  • To promote the benefits of massage and represent the massage profession in a positive light.
  • To guide, encourage and support students by sharing our knowledge and experience openly in order that they have the confidence and skills to build a firm foundation on which to build their business.


  • At Vitality Holistic Massage and Beauty Training our philosophy begins with the knowledge that learning is a lifelong endeavour.
  • We are all teachers and we are all students. We are all interconnected. We strive to learn from one another at every opportunity.
  • We promote professionalism and kindness at every opportunity
  • We believe that there is no substitute for human touch.
  • With proper training, nurturing, and guidance, we believe we can make a difference to our students lives, our own lives and collectively, the lives of our clients.